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Donor Sperm Bank


  • Physician's may choose to open an account with us or may refer patients under their care directly to us.  
  • A choice of standard Intracervical Insemination prepared samples or density gradient processed samples for Intrauterine Insemination.  
  • A free multi page Donor Profile available on each donor.  
  • Consultation with a laboratory manager on sperm donor matching, additional unique sperm donor requirements and testing for specific genetic traits as needed due to recipient medical history.  
  • Pre-purchase of semen samples to guarantee availability.  
  • A Sperm Donor Selection List.

The Andrology and Embryology Laboratory maintains a sperm bank of donors between the ages of 20 and 40 who are students and/or employed individuals. All prospective sperm donors must have a minimum educational background and are extensively screened following guidelines established by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the American Association of Tissue Banks. A three generation medical history is taken and reviewed by a medical geneticist. Any condition which poses a risk of more than one percent of producing a child with a birth defect and/or genetic disease is the basis for donor disqualification. 

All prospective sperm donors undergo a physical examination by a physician. Donors are tested initially and/or periodically for gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C virus (HCV), HTLV-1, cytomegalovirus, chlamydia, and HIV (the AIDS test), sickle cell carrier status (donors with African American ancestry), Tay-Sachs carrier status (donors with Jewish ancestry), and Thalassemia (donors with Chinese ancestry).

We provide a Sperm  Donor Selection List which includes each donor's race, blood type, height, weight, hair color, eye color, ethnicity, education, and profession. For each sperm donor we also have available an extensive profile. The profile includes additional information on the donor's medical history, personal information such as hobbies, interests, favorite subjects in school, family traits, and for most donors a description of family members and their occupations and interests. We include a "kid Page" where the donor describes his childhood. 


Only frozen semen samples quarantined for HIV, Hepatitis C, and HTLV-1 are provided, following the guidelines mandated by the FDA, Center for Disease Control, and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Samples are frozen and released for use only after the donor tests negative a minimum of six months after the semen was collected.


We offer 3 different types of vials to match our clients specific needs. To assure that every vial meets your expectations we thaw and analyze a sample from every frozen specimen to verify that all of the minimum standards described below are surpassed. 

  • IUI ready vials:
    This type represents the majority of vials in our inventory. Intrauterine Insemination Ready vials are very popular because of their convenience; just thaw and inseminate. There is no further processing. We process the semen before freezing using density centrifugation to select out motile sperm and remove seminal plasma as well as other deleterious components. Each unit contains at least 12 + 1.2 million motile sperm after thawing.  Cost
  • ICSI vials: (also referred to as ART vials)
    If you are participating in an in vitro fertilization (IVF) program chances are they will utilize Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (
    ICSI) to facilitate fertilization. Your Embryologist will need relatively few sperm since they are injecting one sperm per egg. ICSI vials contain 1 to 2 million motile sperm.  While there are ample sperm to be used in an ICSI procedure these vials are not as ideal for any other type of insemination. The sperm in these vials are processed before freezing and are actually a small portion of the IUI Ready vials described above. Our ICSI vials are sold at a substantial discount.  
  • ici vials: (also commonly referred to as Unwashed)
    These vials contain semen that has NOT been processed before freezing. They are suitable to use for intracervical insemination (
    ici) and contain at least 20 + 2 million motile sperm per insemination unit. These vials are sold at a substantial discount. 

IUI ready vials can also be used for intracervical insemination (ici). If we are sold out of ici vials for the donor you select you might consider purchasing IUI ready vials from the same donor if available. In our experience the success rate is the same. (It is important to emphasize that the reverse is not true. You cannot use ici vials as a substitute for IUI ready vials . . . unless they are processed after thawing.)



Choose a donor based on the desired physical characteristics from the Sperm Donor Selection List . You may wish to call the lab to check on availability since not all donors are available all the time. If availability is limited, we recommend pre-purchase . You may also list several donors in order of priority and we will provide the donor with the highest priority available. 

Complete "Recipient Insemination Information Authorization." (.pdf) and "Insemination Consent Form" (.pdf) forms and return them to us by mail. Be sure to include the physician's signature and notarization of the recipient's and the recipient's partner's signature(s). 

Oregon residents can also request the "State Dept. of Health Required Information" (.pdf) form. This is to be returned and filed at your physician's office. 

You or your physician's office should call the Andrology Laboratory several days in advance of your use of the specimens since we need 24 hours to process your order.  You may want to consider our Pre-purchase option by pre purchasing your choice of donor semen samples and storing them at the Andrology Laboratory. Pre-purchase assures availability. We encourage you to review our terms at: Policies Regarding Purchased Semen Samples.


Some sperm donors may be in such high demand that it may be difficult to purchase them from the donor list.  We may always be "out" because the frozen semen to be released has  been promised to those on our waiting list. You may want to consider being placed on our Waiting List if the donor you selected always seems to be "out". Please familiarize yourself with our Waiting List Policy .


We use liquid nitrogen tanks with a holding time of 7 days to ensure low temperature storage of the samples during transportation. Within the Portland area recipients may pick up a sample in person or we will deliver by local courier to many destinations. Outside Portland, we use Greyhound (generally within the Pacific Northwest) or Federal Express at a cost based upon weight and distance. Please refer to laboratory charges for the Donor Sperm Bank.

We ship or provide local pick-up Monday through Friday only. Orders placed, cancelled, or changed after 12 noon the day before shipping or pick-up will incur a Rush/Change of Order fee. For shipments or pick-ups on Monday, please leave a phone message on Sunday before 12 noon. We will return your call early Monday morning and will make every effort to accommodate your request.


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